Brighton Pub Cleaners

It is my pleasure in welcoming another wing of our growing business here at Brighton and Hove cleaning. We have been cleaning a select band of Brighton’s pubs for a while now. We have now came to the point that we are going introduce a dedicated arm of our team specialising in cleaning the pubs of Brighton and Hove.

Pub cleaning

You will be seeing a lot more of the our new logo as we start to expand the business across the diverse bars and pubs in our fair city. We are very competitively priced and are focused in turning your pub, bar or restaurant into a clean environment for the start of your days service. We are very flexible in the hours that we work and take the position of key holders very seriously where safety and security are paramount.

As we specialise in cleaning pubs we have an experienced eye to look out for the little touches that make all the difference. presentation is key in all public services and we are highly motivated to ensuring that your business will shine 365 days of the year.

Friendly team

All of our team are COSHH trained by a management team who have over 20 years experience cleaning the pubs of Brighton. We train up all of staff to the highest of standards and we work as part of the team hands on to enable that we hit top performance consistently day after day.

Most of the pubs that we clean we have served them for a many number of years and this we hope is a testament to the standards that we set to achieve. Please feel free to contact us should you feel that we would be a god fit to clean your pub, bar or restaurant.

Welcome to The Brighton Pub Cleaning Company… taking pride in making Brighton’s pubs shine!

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