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It is always a pleasure living in a vibrant cultured city such as our very own. Being a resident of Brighton does most definitely fill the heart with pride.We would like to take this opportunity to give a little bit back. Here at Brighton and Hove cleaning have a print by the extremely talented Sean Sims. I am sure that it is familiar with a lot of people. Titled, ‘The Brighton Line’ it depicts all of the key locations of Brighton and Hove in a style reminiscent of the traditional London tube map.

We have one of these wonderful prints up for grabs. The brief is very simple to come up with a catchphrase for Brighton and Hove cleaning. At the moment we have our very own which is prominent on all our branding which is, ‘Brighton and Hove cleaning – ‘We take pride in making Brighton shine’. We are very proud to be the best Brighton cleaners in the city.

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Think you can do better?… then please do go for it! Possibly you could incorporate one of our various off shoots of the business in your slogan? So think office cleaning, pub cleaning, common ways cleaning etc.

Here is an interview with Sean Sims talking about the inspiration for his piece courtesy of the Brighton and Hove Argus…

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