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‘If you are going to do a job then more often than not it is easier to do it yourself.’ is often the cry if you want a job being done the right way. Here at Brighton and Hove cleaning we believe that any of our staff can step up to the the many set of cleaning challenges that we encounter on a daily basis. We believe in setting the very highest of standards to our team. Often the best way is to set by example. With over twenty years experience in the cleaning industry we like to pass on this knowledge to the frontline team that represent us.

More often than not when the company starts a new contract at a particular location, before we let one of our cleaners work on their own one of our senior staff will partner the cleaner to ensure that the standard is set to the required level before leaving them to there own devices. Whether it is office cleaning, commercial cleaning or attending the many bar and restaurants where we have contracts it is important that the required level of service is maintained throughout.

COSHH levels of health and safety

One of the many ways to ensure that the cleaning is always top notch is to train the staff in the required COSHH levels of health and safety. This stands for Control off Substances Hazardous to Health. Whether this involves putting the correct ratio of floor maintainer to many parts water, or knowing the difference between bleach spray or bathroom spray it all makes a difference in the appearance of the over all clean.

It is these little things that make a big difference. The daily build up of simply using the wrong cleaning product for a sustained period leaves a layer of chemical that will most definitely not be pleasing to the eye. Here at Brighton and Hove cleaning we feel a sense of pride knowing that no stone is left unturned. We will keep on making Brighton and Hove shine.

Brighton green clean

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